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Take some time and have a look at the pages already created and the sample-contents assigned to those page. You may return to this page any time by clicking the "home" link.
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Teaser 1

Content is organized in blocks. This block 'Two Columns Header and Text' is made of two columnns, this is the left column. As soon as you log in at the administration-backend and reload the portal, the portal-editor is being shown. Use drag n drop to rearrange and organize blocks.

Teaser 2

This is the right column of the block 'Two Columns Header and Text'. Blocks are creatable only as a whole, ensuring a consistent layout and look and feel of the page. The portaleditor allows to change the contents directly on the page.

Teaser 3

In contrast to the previous block made of two columns, the block 'Headline and Text' is made of a headline and a single text-column only. Therefore the text may use the full width of the layout. Use drag n drop to change the order of the blocks.

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