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About File Downloads and Podcasts

File Download and Podcast Overview

The following module is a File Download  Module . It is used for file-based resource management, such as documents, spreadsheets, MP3's,etc.  While the text and other modules have file download features for attached files, the File Download module specializes in that area.

There are several different views available, including those with and without file descriptions. Uploading to a file download module is a very easy point and click operation, effective for document collaboration efforts.

Optionally, your file downloads can be configured to podcast, which will allow podcast subscribers to automatically download your mp3s and videos to iTunes and other popular podcatcher type media players.

File Downloads

This module's items are categorize and it is using the 'Tabbed' view, instead of the Default or Accordion views.

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Example PDF

File Size: 9.31 kb, 0 Downloads, 0 Comments ,Tags: example

Here is an example PDF resource.

Example Open Office Doc

File Size: 5.11 kb, 0 Downloads, 0 Comments ,Tags: example

The Exponent Resource Manager can handle a wide variety of file types, not just images and plain text files.